Your teacher is going to love this.

We created this 3-box set with busy parents (and forgetful ones – like us­čść) in mind, designed to take care of every gift-giving moment this year for under $30/box.

Back To School

Ships September 4th



Ships December 4th


Teacher Appreciation

Ships April 4th


We’re all too familiar with the demands of busy schedules and the challenge of picking out gifts for Teachers. That’s why we crafted the School Year Gift Box Setto ensure it’s easy for you to make your teachers feel incredibly seen and appreciated. Order at the beginning of the year and forget the hassle of choosing gifts for the rest of the year, our boxes will arrive on your doorstep just in time, every time!

Teachers are always getting boring gifts like candles, mugs, and scented lotions – but you’ll be giving them individually personalized, hand-curated┬áloot┬áthat’s absolutely┬áteacher-approved. Your kid will come home raving about the look on their teacher‘s face when they open their first box.­čśä

Each box in our School Year Gift Box Set is stuffed full of hand-picked, personalized, and carefully curated items that teachers will love.